Monday, March 27, 2017

upper 5% of summer

I'm writing this post to make myself feel better.  I'm writing it because that has been one of the hardest summers of B's career and thus we haven't seen him much; this led to a grumpy, stressed out mom and kiddos that had to take on extra responsibility.  I'm writing it because in my mind, this summer has been all work and no play.  In my mind, I see the pictures of everything that my friends are doing with their kids, and I can never live up to it.  I'm writing it because in my mind everyone else is having a blast and my kids are always choosing TV over play or being yelled at.  However, these pictures paint a different picture.  

(these are in no particular order because I just can't make my computer work the way that I want it to work. )
outdoor Finding Nemo

movie and popcorn with the neighbors

there are no words

last day with the summer nanny 

again, there are no words

learning about fishing from the best

winner winner chicken dinner

A childhood dream... winning a fish at the fair

AHG camp... 3 days and 2 nights of AHG

loving each other poolside

A's closing AHG ceremony

Ice cream stop on the way to Bethany Beach

R. loves the beach just like the rest of us

getting more brave every year!

A's early birthday present

visiting daddy

learning how to take care of the greens

"I spy a golf ball"

Aunt Jenny's dirty thirty

funland at the beach.  R's first ride!

pool fun

napping at the beach

finally using K's birthday present

"sure, I'll ride with daddy."

swim team friends

peach picking

sweet deliciousness!

Nats game in the box!

see, I can be fun

These pictures paint a picture of an amazing, fun filled summer.  And, these glimpses are amazing and fun filled.  Hopefully, they are what my kids will remember.  But, they are probably 5% of the summer.

Now, here comes the truth...

there was lightening the entire time.  most families left because they didn't want to ummm... die.  We stayed put b/c B. said the rain wouldn't come our way.  I was a ball of nerves and though I've seen Finding Nemo 1000 x, I didn't pay attention at all

Then, at the end of the move, we had to get the kids home on their bikes.  It was pitch black and I had walked to carry the chairs.  A. was crying so hard bc she was scared that the neighbors stopped and picker her up in their car.  I had to ride her bike home.  I looked like a clown riding a bike 3 sizes too small.

this was the battle of the sun glasses.  He would not keep them or his hat on his head no matter what I tried.  If you look closely, you can see that I'm holding his hand onto the stroller so that he won't pull the glasses off of his head and topple the stroller simultaneously.  However, remove hand, and that exact thing happened 2 seconds later.  A baby and a head on a rocky sidewalk do not mix well.

This was actually about as close to perfection as it comes.  Sarah watched our big kids for 27 hours per week while I worked.  She was great.  On the last day, A. made muffins and K. dressed up in his "fancy clothes"  They were all so sweet.  

another truly good summer moment.  Nothing can beat babies learning to eat.  But, the clean up... not so fun.  At least we were outside.

These hot sweaty kids wanted to play the ball game and win some fish.  A.  has 2 fish that Sarah, her nanny, gave her earlier this summer.  A.. used her money quickly on the side that was uber difficult to win a fish.  K. on the other hand, scouted it out and fired his ball directly into a cup.  So, one happy kid, one unhappy kid.  I also saw that I totally could have gotten more tokens if I, the always stressed mom, had simply read the directions.  Then, we could have had 2 happy kids

Looking back, this was probably 2 of the best days of the summer bc I was working alongside of my best friends and hanging with my daughter.  But, B. was at work continuously and I struggled to get all the planing done.  I never stopped to recognize how many lives were changing or how many sweet girls were learning about God.  

Here's to a much better 2017!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

sometimes the tagalong has fun

R. still spends the majority of his time following the big kids around. 

  •  It's time for field hockey practice
  • lets go pick up A. from school, 
  • A. has another swim meet... In Deleware
  •  3 friends all have a birthday party on the same day and, they are across the bridge, during nap time...
  For the most part, he is a champ and follows along well.  He naps in the car and can transition to bed (most of the time).  He smiles at strangers and those that are closest to him all the same.  And, sometimes, things for the big kids actually turn out to be fun for him too....

R. 9 months and a new crawler.  Tunnels are sooooo fun