Saturday, June 11, 2016


B has a new job.  He has a new job as an addition to his old job.  It's more like a change in responsibility that would be an awesome honor if everyone that works for him is competent.  Instead, he has been building his own team.  It will eventually be amazing but for now, it means that he has been leaving our house at 6:00 am and returning at 9:00-10:00 pm.  So, the rest of us have been missing him a lot.  It also means that we have each had to pick up some slack.  

Today, we were on the way home from a book festival followed up by a birthday party.  K. And R. We're sleeping in the back seat and A. heard me trying to figure out how on earth that I would get food for an appetizer and a gift that I'm supposed to be taking to a party tonight let alone food to feed our family.  That amazing 7 year old got home, put on an apron, got out her kids cookbook and started making quesadillas.  7 minutes in and the cheese and grater are sitting on the counter b/c her little princess hands started to hurt from grating the cheese.  It's the thought that counts right:)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

for the love of.... Toots

Apparently, K. also has a way with the ladies.  This is from his preK. Field trip to Adkins Arboretum.  Two seconds after I snapped this picture, I heard, "I tooted."  Then the three little girls giggled.  Oh five year old boys.... You are disgusting